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Tina Glavan

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Tina was inspired at an early age by her beloved uncle, a commercial artist who let his young niece play in his studio and nurtured her creative spirit. Their many trips together to galleries and museums kindled Tina's lifelong passion for art and visual storytelling, which has informed her life ever since.

She holds a degree from Parson's School of Design. She has worked professionally as both a graphic designer and interior designer. Her professional journey is a testament to an enduring love for color and materials, which now serve as the foundation of her current artistic practice.

My work seeks to explore materiality and memory, through the primary medium of encaustic wax.My methodology is both deliberate and experimental. My goal is to contemporize traditional aspects of encaustic wax with approachability and a

21st century sensibility. At times, this means incorporating diverse and unexpected media into the encaustic work, such as inks, watercolor, pastels, graphite, photography and collage. Alongside wall-hung formats, I also craft encaustic vessels that playfully forefront the fungible tactility and dimensionality of the wax.

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